Have you heard that the Republic of Georgia (in Caucasus region) is an amazing country, full of yet undiscovered places, interesting activities, unique culture, deep history, tasty cuisine, indigenous wine and hospitable people? Great! We definitely agree with that because we know. No? Haven’t you? Come over and discover it by yourself! 

Actually we did that. We came to Georgia from Lithuania – small country near the Baltic Sea – for different purposes in different time. And here is a happy ending (or better to say start) – we’ve just fallen in love with Georgia. Some of us have stayed here; others have continued to come back. Why? We’ve visited many countries but exactly in Georgia we’ve discovered something incredible hard to explain in words. We made good friendships. Found amazing places. Listened to interesting stories. Opened doors to their unique culture. Tasted delicious Georgian cuisine. Enjoyed Georgian sounds, colors, smiles. Simply to say – we celebrated life under the Georgian Sun. As Georgians do.

Why are we telling you this story? Because the idea to establish “Ugo Travel” came with a desire to share all these good emotions Georgia gave (and has still giving) to us. Thus now we are officially established Tour Operator “Ugo Travel” Ltd. working in the field of in-coming tourism to Georgia, offering wide choice of touristic services. Don’t worry – we are not the beginners in tourism sector – we have valuable previous work experience in tourism field as well as in management. We are able to provide professionally organized travel packages or organize it according to your requests, to work operatively, to be flexible, and to meet your desires. 

Check out our offers but mind it, our webpage is a life living organism. It grows thanks to your wishes and ideas, your questions and advices, as well as our daily work.   

Haven`t you find what were you looking for? Contact us and it will be our pleasure to chat with you, to consult you, to give you exactly what you want and much more. Travelling is not only about moving from one place to another, is it ;)?

Our team:


Darius_GeorgiaDarius – our cheerful and honest guy, who has been in many interesting places around the world. He dreams to buy a professional fishing rod but never does – all the savings go to travelling. He also loves photography and has 15 old film cameras. By the way, most photos on our website are taken by him.




valdasValdas – all the technical questions go to him – he always knows the answer or will find it. A guy with a great sense of humor, full of ideas, good emotions and positive energy. Be sure, you will never get bored in his company.






Lasha – our Georgian team member who doesn’t fling words around. Studied economics but finds tourism more interesting. Learns to play guitar, lives a healthy life style and likes to find undiscovered places in his native country.





Regina - lovely journalist by profession, who once came to Georgia and stayed. Our experienced enthusiastic consultant of Samegrelo region, where now is her home. A founder and a soul of Zugdidi Hostel. 





Rasa – almost 4 years ago stepped on the Georgian land and get captured by it. Is always happy to share her Georgian life experience with others. Enjoys cooking improvisations, adores ice-cream. 




Are we serious? Yes, we are, when we need that. 

Can you entrust us your holidays? Definitely – yes!