Hotel Martini

The hotel Martini is located in Kvariati, 14 km from the center of Batumi near the Turkish border. This area represents the territory of LAZETI one of Georgia’s oldest and most beautiful historical parts.

The complex is located in the very beautiful ravine, which is covered with subtropical trees and plants. The hotel’s front faces the glorious shores of the Black Sea. This circulation of sea and mountain air makes this area the ideal micro climate for vacationing.

There are two bungalow restaurants within the hotel complex, of them offers you authentic Georgian cuisine and the unique regional delight, Adjarian Khachapuri and the finest European dishes. The hotel offers 12 quite and comfortable rooms for max. 25 persons: 4 single, 6 doubles, 2 triplets and 1 private apartment. Here is also conference room for 25 persons.