Grigoleti Hotels

Hotel Villa-Aisi

There are 15 rooms in the hotel.  Rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, refrigerator, TV and ventilator.

Hotel Villa Reta

Located in a destination famous for its pine groves, curative climates and historical legends, the Villa Reta Hotel, Grigoleti, Poti on the Black Sea coast offers luxury 4 star accommodations.… Continue reading

Hotel Lashtani

3 storied hotel is situated near seaside and has café-bar, restaurant, laundry, housekeeping, air-conditioning, three time meal on request, TV satellite, parking. All rooms are occupied by guests for 8… Continue reading

Hotel Andamati

Resting complex “Andamati” is located in the settlement Grigoleti, Lanchkhuti region, between the Georgian resort Maltaqva and magnetic sands the well known resort Ureki. The resting complex consists of 33… Continue reading