Guesthouse Valodias Cottage

Valodia’s Cottage” is located in Koriskhevi area, Aspindza Municipality – with a great variety of cultural sites and in very close proximity to Vardzia Cave Monastery Complex. Traditional Georgian hospitality, clean accommodations and tranquil atmosphere offer comfortable and delightful stay.

The cottage has 10 bedrooms with private bathrooms. You will enjoy meals at the outdoor dining area, as well as a helio shower. Large, wooden balcony allows you to sit outside in the shadow or enjoy the picturesque view of the Mtkvari River Valley from the yard. The building is surrounded by a fruit orchard, nice yard and terraced gardens. You will be able to discover “Tonne” (Georgian clay oven for bread baking) located in the backyard, creating a specific traditional atmosphere. Campers also have good possibilities to enjoy camping in Koriskhevi area.

The host family has a cattle farm, trout farm, bee colony and serves the guests with fresh and natural products. It also offers special agro touristic program which allows visitors to get involved in various village activities such as harvesting, milking cows, cheese-making and baking Georgian bread.