Algeti Natioal Park 1The Algeti National Park is located in historical Kvemo Kartli region, in the district of Tetritskaro, at a distance of 60 km from Tbilisi city. The Algeti Strict Nature Reserve was established in 1965 with the purpose of protection of the southeastern border of distribution of the Eastern Spruce and Nordmann Fir. In 2007 it was given a status of the National Park.

The Algeti National Park covers the southern slopes of eastern part of the Trialeti range in the gorge of the Algeti River and is situated within 1100 – 1950 m above sea level. The highest point is Kldekari (2000 m). The total are of Algeti National Park is 6822 ha, and most of its part is covered with forest. It is characterized by a mountainous relief rugged with great number of small rivers and ravines. The Algeti River with its great number of tributaries and ravines flows through the territory of Algeti National Park, which is composed of igneous rocks and sedimentary layers.

The National Park is characterized by humid climate. Winter is of moderate cold here and summer – of long-term and warm.