Batumi is an administrative center of the Autonomus Republic of Adjara and is one of the biggest resorts in the Black sea region. It is located in the south-eastern part of Black sea, in a deep gulf. The name Batumi originated from Greek roots, earlier it had a Greek name “Batius Liman”, which means deep gulf. Scientists consider that at this particular place, ancient cultures – antique and Kolch merged together. The small city is filled with numerous trees of magnolias, during the flowering of which the whole city becomes covered in their aroma. The fields around the city are mostly tea and citrus plantations, spotted with ancient ruins.

The part which locals call “Old Batumi”, is approximately 150 years old, the building have an extraordinary beauty there – usually 2-3 storey are abound with chimaeras, unnamed mythical creatures, lions and other bas-reliefs.

At nowadays Batumi is quickly changing its face – here are rising new contemporary architectural buildings and ambitious sculptural projects are implemented. Batumi becomes modern and fashion summer place, which attracts foreigners, as well as Georgians. It’s a place to enjoy cultural events, noisy nightlife and Black Sea waves.