BORJOMI-KHARAGAULI NATIONAL PARK 4Borjomi-Kharagauli National park is one of the biggest parks in Europe. In 2007 the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park became a member of European network of Protected Areas -  the Pan Park network that is a guarantee for highest level protection of these Protected Areas and sustainable development of tourism.

The National Park covers the territories, which are the marginal parts of several historical regions of Georgia. The Park is located in the territories of Tori, Imereti and Samtskhe. Total area is about 61235 ha.

The adjacent territories of the National Park are rich in historical monuments. For the lovers of antiquity and history, it is surely very interesting to see such monuments against the beautiful sights such as the doomed temple of Timotesubani of the thirteenth century, Nedzvi church (9th century), Nunisi church (9th century), Sakvirike basilica near the village of Dviri 10 century), Green Monastery of Chitakhevi (9th century), Gogia and Petra fortresses near Likani borough (9th century), Vakhani and Gold fortresses in Adigeni District. There are even older archeological monuments in the adjacent territory of the National Park, e.g., cyclopean former settlement of Bronze age at the village of Boga, crypts of the Bronze age and cultural layers of the Antique age.

Visitors to the park can enter via five entrances: Atskuri, Panavi, Nunisi, Borjomi and Marelisi, and all must register. Trails ranging from one day hikes to three day treks are marked, and sleeping cabins are available across the park.