Chachuna Protected Areas 3Chachuna Managed Nature Reserve is a Protected Area which was established on the basis of former Chachuna State Forestry. Total area of the Managed Nature reserve is 5200 hectares and is at a distance of 175 km from Tbilisi. Chachuna is located in Kiziki – the historical Kambechovani.

Geologically Chachuna Managed Nature Reserve belongs to the Transcaucasian intermountain region, covers the Molassic zone of its eastern hollow within the intermountain depression of the Mtkvari River and is presented with Molassic sediments. In Chachuna one can find sands, sandstones, clay with the layers of volcanic ash and gravelites. Part of the Managed Nature Reserve is constructed with limestone conglomerates. Near the Managed Nature Reserve the limestone sources for flux and lime are observed, as well as the outcrops of limestone of bitumen composition and the bitumen deposits presented as small lakes. The relief of the Managed Nature Reserve is not homogeneous. Barrow, clay hills, steep slopes, terraces and dry gorges replace each other very fast and create specific, quite beautiful landscape.