Discovering Georgia 8 days / 8 nights

If you don’t have lots of time for holidays and haven`t traveled in Georgia yet – this tour is made for you! It includes sightseeing of the most attractive and interesting places, taste of culture, food, world famous mineral water and…wine, beauty of Georgian nature and lots of good emotions.

Mountains, Sea and more 9 days / 9 nights

Georgia is the country there in one day you can enjoy mountains breeze while in other relax on the sea coast. Diverse landscapes, architectural objects, historical sights – everything is waiting you in this amazing tour! We are almost sure that these unforgettable days won’t be your last visit to Georgia ;)

The Beauty of Georgian Landscapes 8 days / 8 nights

Want to visit one of the most beautiful Georgian nature sites? Join this tour and you will be surprised how amazing Georgia is!
Borjomi with its mineral waters, impressive Vardzia Cave Town, Black Sea waves, mountainous Adjaria..Nature, history, culture, cuisine.

The Taste of Georgia 11 days / 10 nights

This culinary tour is suitable for those who like combine two passions: travel and food. During these days in Georgia you will get to know the country, the local people and the food: there are even a few master classes where you’ll learn to make the traditional dishes of various regions. Taste and re-create Georgian cuisine!

Georgian Mountains – Magical Khevsureti 7 days / 7 nights

The land far away from civilization, hidden from an outside world. The place where medieval fortress villages guard the secrets of valleys because most of the living houses are abandoned by people ages ago. The place where you can get closer to the interesting history of Khevsurs – people who believed in pagan deities. A land of unique songs, cuisine, incredible nature and proud people who despite intensive depopulation were able to preserve their own identity. Definitely worth to visit and to feel the mystery of Khevsureti.

Georgian Mountains – Undiscovered Tusheti 7 days / 7 nights

Tusheti is one of the most untouched, ecologically unspoiled regions – because of not developed infrastructure and weather conditions it is the place where even most of Georgian haven’t ever been. That’s why it’s one of the most interesting, beautiful and worth to visit places. The locals here have their individual perception of life closely related to nature, though they consider themselves Christians, much of their religion is made up of pagan elements, with animal sacrifice, deities and other special rituals. People’s life there is based on transhumance – coming up with their sheep in the summer pastures and going down to the lowland in winter, while just a few families stay there.
During this tour guided with experienced, knowledgeable and interesting guide you will have possibility to touch, to feel, to see, to hear, to taste, to enjoy and to open undiscovered life of Tusheti mountains.

Georgia – Armenia 12 days / 11 nights

An opportunity to visit two similar, but at the same time very different cultures in one trip. Discover two Caucasus countries, meet their people, taste national dishes, admire beautiful places!