Georgia is an easy country to reach by air, sea, road and rail. Thanks to its position on the historic Silk Road, it’s an ideal stepping stone on journeys across Eurasia, and is also an ideal short break destination from the rest of Europe, with flights to most destinations taking from three to five hours.


Both Tbilisi and Batumi are served by newly built, state-of-the-art international airports, with another planned for Kutaisi. Tbilisi is served by a large number of international airlines, and the base of operations for Georgian carriers. There are direct flights to Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Latvia, the UAE and the Czech Republic. Air Baltic, Estonian Airline, Airzena, Czech Airlines, Pegasus, UAI and Polish Lot airlines all have great deals on flights to Georgia.

The following airlines fly to Tbilisi

Georgia Airways Turkish Airlines
Austrian Airways BMI
Ukrainian International Airlines Aerosvit
Azal Airlines Air Baltic
Czech Airlines Scat 
Fly Georgia Arkia
Pegasus Lot Polish Airlines 

Batumi airport has flights to Turkey, Belarus, and Ukraine. Turkish carriers treat Batumi as an internal destination, meaning visitors can make great savings flying to Batumi from Turkey, or travelling to Turkey from Batumi.


Georgia is linked by road to Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, and is a frequent stop for people crossing Eurasia overland by car or bicycle on the historic Silk Road. Drivers in Georgia need a valid license, insurance, and proof of ownership of the vehicle they are driving, with the exception of bicycles.

There are no special taxes needed to take a car into Georgia, but the appropriate paperwork must be filled out at the border. While some rural roads in Georgia are in bad repair, most of the country’s major roads have been recently renovated, with good signage in both Georgian and Latin letters. Currently, the road crossing between Georgia and Russia is only open to citizens of those countries, or of the states of the CIS.

By Sea

Regular passenger ferries serve Georgia’s ports of Batumi and Poti.

Ferries run between Batumi and Ilyichevsk, Ukraine. More information can be found on or Ferries to Poti port depart from the Ukrainian ports of Ilyichevsk and Odessa. Departures are every Tuesday.