kazbegiKazbegi National Park is located in the historical gorge on the northern slopes of the Caucasus range. The territory of Kazbegi Protected Areas is fragmented, with a total area of 8707 hectares. Its relief is compex, mountainous and very rugged and the lowest part is located at 1400 m above sea level.

Kazbegi National Park as well as the whole gorge are constructed with basalt formations such as quartzite, carbonaceous clay shales of the lower Lias age and argillaceous sediments of the lower Toarcian age, where there are many diabase layer-veins. The so-called lava pillows are part of the region’s geology. In Dariali gorge, and even to the south, everywhere, where the Tergi River has cut its way through the canyons, the slopes of the gorge are the perfect examples of the local geology. It is easy to see the basalt sections and lava layers in the cliffs.

Historical monuments, such as the fourteenth century Sameba temple, tenth century Garbani church, Sioni three-parted basilica, Akhaltsikhe basilica and seventeenth century Sno castle are very interesting for the visitors as well. Religious traditions and habits of the local people that is a mix of Christian and Pagan habits attract the visitors.