Mtirala National Park 5Mtirala National Park is located in historical Achara. The territory of Mtirala is constructed by volcanic-sedimentary rocks of so-called “Naghvarevi Pack”, which are presented by alternation of sub-alkali and lime alkali basalts, trachiandesites, andesites, delenites, tuffites, marls and argillites.

Mount Mtirala is located between the Black Sea and Achara mountain system on the watershed of Chakvistskali and Koraghitskali. These mountains intercept the humid air from the Black Sea and determine Achara’s very humid climate. Generally, Achara is rich in atmospheric precipitation but the Mount Mtirala, height of which is 1381 m above sea level, is the most abundant with precipitation. Annual precipitation reaches to 4520 mm here, due to which the Mount Mtirala is considered as one of the wettest sites not only in Achara but in our country as well. The homonym “Mtirala” (“Weeping”) was given to this Mount just because of abundant precipitation.