Nokalakevi, literally meaning “the place where town was”, is a beautiful village and an archaeological site of Samegrelo. In Georgian chronicles, Nokalakevi is called Tsikhegoji – the Fortress of Kuji. According to Georgian chronicles, the fortress was built by Kuji – duke of Egrisi range and Svaneti in the 3rd c B.C. It is located in the district of Senaki. Presumably it was the place of the mythological city of Aia, capital of the Kingdom of Colchis. The Golden Fleece was said to be kept in this very place.

During archeological excavations were found several different layers of civilization on the territory of Nokalakevi. The oldest layers date back from the 8-7th cc B.C. Different valuable archeological materials were unearthed on Nokalakevi’s territory.