Sataplia protected area is a wonderful monument of nature. It is located very close to Kutaisi, on Sataplia Mountain, with total area of 354 hectares. It has mountains and hills and is almost covered by the Colchis Forest. There are numerous grotto caves, although the most interesting one is Sataplia Cave as well called Prometheus Cave which is one of the richest caves of Europe. It is characterized by the variety of underground rivers and beautiful landscapes. The cave is rich with stalactites, stalagmites and mineral rock curtains. The long of walking route for tourists is 1060 m and the route by boats on underground lake of 280 m. As well Sataplia is famous for such unique objects as over 200 footprints from dinosaurs, located on the stones in two rows. Due to this fact experts think that Sataplia is the one of the significant monuments in the former Soviet Union.

To the north of Sataplia cave there is a flowering meadow on the cliff with a number of bee colonies. This was the reason for naming this area Sataplia – ”the places of honey”.