Summer in Georgia – mountains and sea 8 days / 7 nights

This itinerary is made for hot Georgian summers – fresh mountainous climate and Black Sea waves! The location of Kutaisi airport helps to make this tour very convenient – visit natural places around Kutaisi, head up to Svaneti mountains and enjoy few days in Batumi. Recommended from mid June to mid September!

Spring in Georgia 7 days / 7 nights

Spring is one of the most beautiful season in Georgia, especially in wine region – Kakheti. Enjoy amazing Georgian spring with awakening nature, blossoming flowers and cheerful Sun. Visit interesting hostorical places, taste flavour traditional cuisine, learn to bake Kakhetian bread, and, definitely – taste famous Georgian wine. Recommended from March till early July!

Rtveli Tour 7 days / 6 nights

Rtveli is a traditional wine making feast. Almost every family in Kakheti region with the help of neighbors and friends is picking up grape harvest and making wine.  This process is accompanied by folk songs and tables full of local delicacies. During the rtveli period there are held lots of public events with music, dance and food. The traditions of rtveli come from ancient times.
This tour will give you extraordinary chance to become the part of rtveli process and get to know wine making traditions in one of the local village in Kakheti region. And be sure – you will taste various sorts of Georgian wine! Recommended from mid August  till mid October!