Shio Mghvime Monastery Complex representing one of the remarkable religious and cultural centers of feudal Georgia, is located on the left embankment of the Aragvi river in Mtskheta District, some 40km away from Tbilisi. Based on historical sources, the monastery was founded in the middle of the 6th century by John Zedazneli’s pupil Shio. Father Shio spent the last years of his life in a dark deep cave where he was buried according to his will after he passed away. His tomb is recognized as the holy place in Shio Mghvime Monastery.

Shio Mghvime Monastery Complex consists of John the Baptist’s domed church, the upper church built in 11 c., the dining hall and the chapel near the monastery. John the Baptist’s church with plain and strict features is almost plunged in earth. It represents one of the most remarkable examples of Georgian dome architecture built by St. Shio’s initiative in 550-560s.