In the village of Shuamta (“a place between mountains”) is located Shuamta Monastic Complex – New (Akhali) Shuamta Monastery and Old (Dzveli) Shuamta. These two monasteries absolutely differ from each other in architecture and were built at different times.

Old Shuamta monastery is a complex of several ancient churches. The small church is dated from the 5th century, the other two – bigger and smaller domical churches – the 7th century. The churches have paintings from the 12th century.

New Shuamta Monastery was built in the 16th century. This monastery is still active. According to the legend the monastery was constructed by Tina, the Queen of Kakheti. In her youth she had a dream where she saw the site of the future monastery and she was asked to build this temple. At that time the place appeared unfamiliar. After her marriage with Kakhetian prince Levan, Tina was traveling across Georgia, and in Shuamta she found the same view she dreamt. That was how the monastery was founded and later Tina to