Tusheti is one of the most untouched, ecologically unspoiled regions – because of not developed infrastructure and weather conditions it is the place where even most of Georgian haven’t ever been. That’s why it’s one of the most interesting, beautiful and worth to visit places. The locals here have their individual perception of life closely related to nature, though they consider themselves Christians, much of their religion is made up of pagan elements, with animal sacrifice, deities and other special rituals. People’s life there is based on transhumance – coming up with their sheep in the summer pastures and going down to the lowland in winter, while just a few families stay there.

During this tour guided with experienced, knowledgeable and interesting guide you will have possibility to touch, to feel, to see, to hear, to taste, to enjoy and to open undiscovered life of Tusheti mountains.

1 Day. The charm of Tbilisi.

Our evening recommendation – relaxing in ancient sulfuric baths which were beloved of poet literature classics Aleksander Pushkin and Aleksander Duma. There is a saying – if you haven’t been in Tbilisi baths – you haven’t been in Tbilisi. You can take some wine or order cup of tea or…massage and have a good time with your friends in separate bath room (1 hour per room costs about 20-50 EUR).

  • Overnight in Tbilisi.

2 Day. A little bit of Kakheti – homeland of wine.

3 Day. Up to the mountains where the journey in the past begins.

  • Breakfast. Heading to Omalo – the centre of Tusheti region. Excursions of the day:
  • Shenako village. This village like most of the villages in Tusheti is famous for unique impressive architecture – houses-towers. These residential places were designed to protect the family’s property as well the bottom floor of dwellings was used to keep livestock, with the living quarters, fireplace and etc while the top floor served for defense from enemies’ attacks. In Shenako as well stands one of two churches which still remains. Shenako St. George church – a wonderful architectural object – was built by Russian in 19th century.
  • Omalo settlement. Omalo is the economic centre of Tusheti where the only airport, boarding school and hospital in the region are located. It lies between the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and the Pirikiti Range of Tusheti.
  • Lunch-picnic.
  • Keselo Fortress. It’s a small medieval fortress just above the village of Omalo. Keselo towers which originally totaled thirteen were constructed during the Mongol invasion of Georgia in 1230s. During the raid on Tush villages by the invader, people abandoned their villages and used towers as temporary shelters.
  • Dinner and overnight at guest house in Omalo.

4 Day. Exploring life of abandoned villages.

  • Breakfast at guest house. In Tusheti there are up to 50 depopulated and abandoned villages. Villages are decorated by the towers and castles, which defended the population against neighboring community’s attack. Most of these castles are destroyed now. Tusheti villages are situated along the eastern bank of the River Alazani. These days give an opportunity to visit some of them, each is unique and worth to see and listen legends which were born there:
  • Dochu village. This village is most preserved architectural site in Tusheti region. Its three storied abandoned houses differ from rest ones in Tusheti.
  • Jvarboseli village.
  • Walking to Ilurta village. In this village there is one of two active churches in Tusheti (another one in Shenako). The church interior is decorated with frescoes. Lunch-picnic.
  • Dinner and overnight at guest house in Omalo.

5 Day. One more day to discover Tusheti Mountains.

  • Breakfast.
  • Dartlo village. Ancient Dartlo village is the most astonishing place in Tusheti. It is located in the middle of the gorge sheltered under inaccessible Dano and Kvavlo villages. There are ruins of ancient church there, but note that only men have access to this church.
  • Chesho village.
  • Parsma village. This village is quite a big complex of ancient tower-houses. Lunch-picnic.
  • Walking to Girevi village.
  • Dinner and overnight at guest house in Dartlo.

6 Day. Going back to civilization.

  • Breakfast. Heading back to Tbilisi. Excursions of the day:
  • Mtskheta – one of the oldest historical towns in Georgia. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.
  • Jvari Church.
  • Overnight in Tbilisi.

7 Day. Departure day.

  • Breakfast. Checkout from hotel.

if flight is late visit Ethnographical Open Air Museum  or take a time for relaxed wandering in cozy Old Town: narrow streets, colorful houses, lovely cafes, and, of-course, souvenir shops full of pretty things for you and your friends. Take a breath of Tbilisi spirit!

  • Transfer to Airport with wish to come back ;)

Price includes:

  • Transfer from and to airport
  • Daily transportation during the tour, driver-guide service (one person)
  • Accommodation at guest houses
  • Meals like mentioned in program
  • Excursions and entrance fees

 Present from “Ugo Travel” team:

  • a bottle of Georgian wine (if there are 2-3 travelers)
  • traditional Georgian dinner, called supra in local restaurant – for group of 4 or more travelers

Price does not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Local guide service
  • Meals except mentioned in program
Number of persons Price per person in EUR
2 870
3 685
4 597
5 545
6 and more Upon request

Note, that “Ugo Travel” has the right for slight changes in the program or in its order due to temporal site construction, weather conditions or other reasonable obstacles. Also there might be slight changes in price list due to currency rate changes.