6049Vashlovani12Vashlovani Protected Areas are located in the extreme eastern part of Georgia, in the Dedoplistskaro district. It consists of Vashlovani Strict Nature Reserve, Vashlovani National Park and Natural Monuments as follows: “Eagle Gorge”, “Takhti-Tepa mud volcanoes”, “Juma Bay” and “Alazani Floodplains”, total area of which is about 24924 ha. Vashlovani Protected Areas were opened in 2003. The Protected Areas are located among the two main vital sources, the main rivers of Kakheti – Lori and Alazani. The gorge is a deep and very beautiful canyon cut by a little ravine through the cliffs of limestone origin. There are unique floodplain forest of Alazani and two little bays (Juma and Mijna) in Vashlovani National Park.