Zugdidi, the capital of Samegrelo region, is a city with population about 76 000 in the Western Georgian historical province of Samegrelo (Mingrelia). It is situated in the north-west of that province. The city is located 318 km west of Tbilisi, 30 km. from Black sea coast (where recently are built modern sea resorts – Anaklia and Ganmukhuri) and 30 km. from Egrisi range.

The name “Zugdidi” means “big/great hill” in Laz-Mingrelian (Colchian) language.

Architectural sights of this city are Queen’s palace and Niko’s palace (now the Dadiani Palace museums, both of XIXth cent.), St. Virgin (1825-30 y.) and Mantskhvarkari (10-14 cc.) churches. There are also an old Botanical Garden (Queen’s Garden) and the city boulevard.

Historically Zugdidi was a capital of principality of Mingrelia (Odishi) until 1867, when the principality was abolished by the Russian Empire. In 1993 there was an administration of first President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia.