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Tips and Recommendations

• Some churches and monasteries do not allow people in shorts and miniskirts to enter the site, as well as women without head cover, so if you decide to visit churches and monasteries, please wear trousers or skirts of moderate length, though women can find in the churches head covers and scarves that can be used as skirts. As well in some of the churches women need to cover their hair.

• In Tbilisi you can find quite many people speaking several foreign languages, but in regions you may have some difficulties in communicating people in English or other languages, so we advise you to look through our dictionary that you can find on our web-site in Travel Information section in case you wander alone without our guide near by.

 The only currency that is accepted everywhere in Georgia is Georgian Lari – GEL. Many restaurants, hotels and bigger shops in the biggest or touristic cities accept credit cards, cash machines are in main or touristic cities. However, if you are heading to some smaller town or settlement it’s recommended to have enough money because in such places money in ATMs can simply run out.

Currency exchange rates in banks are always unfavorable, thus it’s better to use services of currency exchange point, there are plenty of them in all the towns. Most of them are not charging commission fee, you just need to check it – usually it’s written if they do.

• Due to different climatic zones, when you travel in Georgia and happen to be in different places – mountainous regions, semi-deserts, it better to be equipped with clothes for different climate and equipment needed. For more detailed information, don’t hesitate to consult us.