A small Kakhetian town of Sighnaghi is originated in the current form of a town on the ruins of a previously existing fortress in the second half of the 18th century during the reign of King Erekle II. He has ordered to build a town with the fence in the place of an old stronghold.  Sighnaghi was a royal town and served as a center of Kiziki, one of the districts of Kakheti region; it was administered by Mouravi (manager). The fortress occupied nearly 40 ha of land and was able to harbor whole population of Kiziki in case of enemy invasion. Once Imperial Russia annexed Kartl-Kakheti (in 1801), Sighnaghi became a center of Mazra.

Today we can witness the power of former fortress from the walls which left to this day surrounding the present old part of the city and farther beyond it. There are 23 towers built-in in the fence, which were named after adjoining villages (such as Bodbe, Velistsikhe, Mirzaani etc.).

Besides the mentioned fortress, which is listed among one of the major and famous Georgian fortresses, today Sighnaghi impresses travelers with its unique charm, because a couple of years ago the main part was fully reconstructed and now it looks like a sweet fairy tale town with colorful houses, wooden balconies, flowers and amazing view to Caucasus Mountains. Sighnaghi is also known as town of festivals – folk music, dances, food and, of-course one of the biggest autumn wine festival is hosted exactly in this pretty town. Moreover Sighnaghi is called town of love – once decided you can have a wedding there any time, day and night.